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The Charger Bulletin Again Recognized by American Scholastic Press Association

The University’s award-winning student-run newspaper has earned a first-place honor from the American Scholastic Press Association for the second year in a row, recognizing the students’ editing and content coverage and continued publication amid the impact of the pandemic.

June 24, 2022

By Tyler Wells ’23

Charger Bulletin editorial staff members at their end of the year banquet.
Charger Bulletin editorial staff members at their end of the year banquet.

The Charger Bulletin, the University’s student-run newspaper, has captured first place in the American Scholastic Press Association’s 2021-2022 scholastic newspaper awards. It is the second year in a row the publication has captured this prestigious award. The Charger Bulletin also captured first place in 2018 as well as second place in 2017.

The judges praised The Charger Bulletin’s editing and content coverage, as well as its page design and creativity. They also commended the staff for continuing to publish without a break throughout the impact of the pandemic.

Kayla Mutchler ’22, the outgoing editor-in-chief and a recent communication graduate who focused on redesigning the newspaper as part of her Honors thesis, praised the staff for the publication’s continued success.

"There is an impressive level of time and effort, with many late nights and tight deadlines that push the paper to the next level."Tyler Wells ’23

“Every week, we devoted countless hours to interviewing sources, writing stories, editing, creating the newspaper design and much more,” said Mutchler, who recently began a position covering Westport, Conn., for Hearst Connecticut Media Group. “This accomplishment could not have been done without everyone’s dedication and effort.”

During the 2022-2023 academic year, The Charger Bulletin will be led by Tyler Wells ’23, a communication major and a member of the Chargers baseball team. Samuel Weinmann ’24, an international affairs major who has served as editorial head of the University’s Charger Bulletin Magazine, will serve as the managing editor.

Below, Wells reflects on the significance of The Charger Bulletin’s most recent recognition.

Tyler Wells ’23

The Charger Bulletin is a truly unique experience on campus. There are few places where students can gain a professional workplace experience while being surrounded by our peers at the University. Now, to get recognition for the countless hours of hard work that everyone has put in is so rewarding and well-deserved. I’m beyond proud of each person who has helped make The Charger Bulletin what it is.

As the managing editor last year, I saw firsthand all the work that goes in from every writer, editor, photographer, and illustrator in the organization. There is an impressive level of time and effort, with many late nights and tight deadlines that push the paper to the next level. This was especially clear last year after having a major shift in staff following the fall semester when we welcomed three new editors into the organization. Welcoming in new editors is a hard task, even more so when we’re already well into the school year.

Through all of this, everyone continued to strive to uphold journalistic standards on a professional level while informing the University community and having fun along the way. Earning first place in the American Scholastic Press Association awards is an honor, and it shows how the work from past members laid the foundation, allowing current members to push the publication forward even further.

I look forward to serving as the editor-in-chief for this year and working with everyone within The Charger Bulletin to continue to improve. One of our many visions for this year is blending even more with the outstanding Charger Bulletin News broadcast as we push our writers to become more adept in their multimedia skills.

I encourage anyone that is interested in trying journalism, whether that’s their major or not, to reach out and consider being a part of The Charger Bulletin.

Tyler Wells ’23 is a communication major and will serve as editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin during the upcoming academic year.