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Professor Excited to Share Passion for Music

Prof. Anthony Goodfellow is a DJ, composer, and producer who enjoys creating and discovering new electronic music. He hopes his show on WNHU, the University’s award-winning radio station, will introduce his audience to new music and inspire them to share their own mixes.

March 30, 2022

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Prof. Anthony Goodfellow
Prof. Anthony Goodfellow is also known as DJ Antoni Maiovvi.

Anthony Goodfellow became interested in music when he was 14 years old. At the time, he says, “something just clicked.” He is now sharing his passion for music with his students at the University, with his audiences when he performs, and with the listeners of the show he hosts on WNHU, the University’s award-winning radio station.

As Prof. Goodfellow, who hails from the United Kingdom, began exploring a wider range of music, he discovered there was so much more he had not yet heard. Passionate about electronic music, he says it was when he realized that music could be “strange” that his interest was piqued.

“Up until that point, I suppose I thought most music sounded like New Kids On The Block,” he explains. “As soon as I discovered there was all this really odd music out there, I was hooked and wanted to be involved. Electronic music was always a part of that – not so much techno, but when I heard the German progressive-synth band Tangerine Dream when I was very young, it really expanded my idea of what music could be.”

‘Interesting underground electronic music’

A practitioner in residence at the University of New Haven, Prof. Goodfellow moved to the United States in September 2020. He has been sharing his love of music in his new country, in his new home city of New Haven, and at the University.

Prof. Anthony Goodfellow.
Prof. Anthony Goodfellow.

Prof. Goodfellow, who is also known as DJ Antoni Maiovvi, is part of a New Haven-based DJ and producer collective called NEU/BODY, which also includes Jentlemen, 7 Ways, and Coup L’aire. It was the desire to create a platform for sharing music, while trying to find a steady venue for live events, that led to the creation of NEU/BODY, an electronic music show named after the collective.

“We all have our own interests and have a lot of crossover in our tastes,” he said. “During the first hour of the show we pick the music, and we have a guest mix during the second hour – much like if we had a guest play at one of our parties. I hope once COVID restrictions have been lifted that we can start having live DJ sets and the rest of the collective doing the live show with me.”

The show airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on WNHU. Prof. Goodfellow hopes it inspires his students, and he encourages Chargers who are aspiring techno/house DJs to reach out to him. He is excited to hear their mixes.

“I hope the audience realizes there is a lot more interesting underground electronic music that people can explore outside of electronic dance music – a catch-all genre that I am not particularly fond of,” he explains. “There are thousands of people making forward-thinking, excellent, weird techno that I’m certain people would like if they heard it. There’s a whole iceberg, and although it’s not that hard to access, it’s hard to know where to begin.”

‘I couldn’t have landed in a better place’

A composer and producer who is the co-founder of Giallo Disco and Royal Athlete Records, Prof. Goodfellow has released music under a variety of labels. He has played in experimental rock bands, worked as a live musician and composer with touring theatre companies in London, and scored several feature and short films, including the award-winning short film "Yellow: A Neo Giallo."

Prof. Anthony Goodfellow performing at a recent concert in LA.
Prof. Anthony Goodfellow performing at a recent concert in LA.

Prof. Goodfellow looks forward to continuing to bring his musical background and expertise to the classroom and to his radio show. He hopes to introduce his students to new music, as well as to a variety of ways to enjoy it – and make it a career.

“There are a lot of people in the music industry who get very cynical and jaded as they get older, and I hope to show my students that this doesn’t have to be the case,” he said. “I still love what I do just as much – if not more – than when I started. I hope to also show my students that they can have a very excellent, vibrant career without being super famous.”

Prof. Goodfellow, who studied creative music technology at Bath Spa University in Bath, UK, is excited to now be creating and sharing music in Connecticut. He is looking forward to being a part of more upcoming shows and events, including an event at Partners Bar & Nightclub in New Haven in April, as well as continuing to explore and learn through music.

“Music, in particular, is not something that can ever be finished,” he said. “I think New Haven has an excellent energy and a very nice music scene, and I couldn’t have landed in a better place.”