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New Textbook Puts Sport Management Expert at Forefront of Education in the Business of Esports

Gil Fried, J.D. is one of the editors of "Esports Business Management", which has been called the “first textbook to present an all-encompassing look into the world of esports.” He hopes it becomes the go-to book for esports students and educators.

December 1, 2020

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Image of Gil Fried, J.D.
Gil Fried, J.D. is a recognized expert in sport management and the business of esports.

Gil Fried, J.D., has, quite literally, written the book on the business of esports, and he hopes it becomes a go-to resource for learning the business side of a field that has skyrocketed in popularity at the University of New Haven and around the world.

A recognized expert in sport management, Dr. Fried realized the potential of esports several years ago, and he has been at the forefront ever since, even teaching an esports class more than three years ago when the field was much less known. He was excited about the myriad opportunities to foster education and enthusiasm for the field, and he hopes his new book, Esports Business Management, will take those efforts to a new level.

One of the book’s three editors, Dr. Fried developed the concept of the book, building the “team” to make it a reality. The book brings together more than 40 industry professionals from around the world, including Jason Chung, B.C.L., LL.B., executive director of esport business programs at the University.

Intended for students taking an introductory esports course, the textbook covers all facets of the field, such as marketing, key stakeholders, and legal concerns. It is being called the “first textbook to present an all-encompassing look into the world of esports.”

“I wanted a text that would ensure instructors could adequately teach a topic that was so new,” said Dr. Fried, a longtime professor in the University’s Pompea College of Business and coordinator of the graduate program in sport management. “I could eloquently discuss esports facilities, risk management, stakeholders, finance, and related topics, and I brought in experts who could help me cover the other important issues.”

‘I hope this book becomes the go-to book in the industry’
Image of the cover of Gil Fried's book.
Esports Business Management.

The book includes an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint presentations, and a 120-page web study guide with projects and assignments to aid instructors. Dr. Fried, who wrote more than a third of the book’s text, says it was written to allow for annual updates, since the field is evolving rapidly.

“This book validates my belief in where the industry is going and its potential for growth,” he said. “I like to be on the cutting edge, and this shows, I believe, my ability to identify trends and then help bring them to my discipline. The industry keeps evolving, and that is exciting for both me and for the students.”

Dr. Fried, who worked on the book during his recent sabbatical, says that of the 12 books he has written, this is the one he has completed the fastest. He and his colleagues were able to finish it in about a year.

To ensure that the text accurately reflects the industry, Dr. Fried and his “teammates” collaborated with several well-known esports organizations. The International Esports Federation, Esports Research Network, and the United States Esports Federation have all endorsed the book.

“I hope this book becomes the go-to book in the industry,” said Dr. Fried. “In order to move to the next level, esports needs professionalism, and we hope this text will help professionalize the industry and foster legitimacy for an industry that is still relatively new.”