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'Taking Advantage of this Fall’s Virtual Career Fair was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made as a Student'

Thanks to the Virtual Career Fair hosted by the University’s Career Development Center, I gained meaningful interviewing experience and a sense of confidence about my future success in the finance field.

October 21, 2020

By JP Viruet ’22

Image of JP Viruet ’22 (left) and Frantz Innocent Jr. ’21
JP Viruet ’22 (left) and Conor Koziatek ’21 at the University’s Orange Campus.

Taking advantage of this fall’s Virtual Career Fair was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a student at the University of New Haven. Not only was I able to talk to representatives from four different companies I truly believe in, but I was able to have four unique conversations with recruiters who were there to help me grow my professional career.

As a student-athlete, I find it important to make meaningful connections on and off the field. I’ve grown to understand how important connections can be as an athlete, and I hope to make more as I prepare to enter the world of finance.

Image of JP Viruet ’22 (left) and Frantz Innocent Jr. ’21
JP Viruet ’22 (left) and Frantz Innocent Jr. ’21 studying before class at the University’s Orange Campus.

Thanks to Professor Leah Hartman, I was able to quickly download the Career Fair Plus application and easily set up all four of my interviews. After selecting the companies, I found the most appropriate ones for my major, and I was able to select who to talk with and when the interview would take place. With each 10-minute window, I was given the opportunity to show what I had to offer and share my personal experiences as a student looking to start my professional career.

By taking the time to research each individual business, I went into each interview prepared and ready to showcase why I could be a great potential intern/worker. Having key talking points and questions on hand prior to the interview gave me an edge and a sense of confidence.

Not only did I find these interviews incredibly useful, but I had the chance to make meaningful connections with employers in a one-on-one scenario. The recruiters already had my profile and resume on hand through the Career Fair Plus application, which gave me the chance to focus on the conversation.

Image of JP Viruet ’22 (No. 13) in a match against Southern New Hampshire University.
JP Viruet ’22 (No. 13) in a match against Southern New Hampshire University.

As Prof. Hartman explained, it is profoundly important that, as students, we get as much experience with the interview process as possible. Even if the conversation didn’t go as planned or they didn’t have any opportunities for us, the practice is still a great way to gain experience and improve.

From the interviews I completed, three recruiters took my resume for potential opportunities for the summer of 2021, and one company has already reached out for a follow-up interview later this month. I left feeling optimistic about my future success and prepared for my next interview.

JP Viruet is a finance major at the University of New Haven.