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Music and Sound Recording Major: 'My Internship has Fostered My Development as an Artist and Producer'

As a studio intern at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, I developed meaningful relationships with industry professionals, gained hands-on experience using the studio’s state-of-the-art equipment, and decided on the career path I hope to have in the music industry.

September 8, 2020

By Samuel Chassy ’21

Sam Chassy in the studio
Samuel Chassy was a studio intern at Blackbird Studio in Nashville.

I initially began my internship at Blackbird Studio in January as a member of the University’s 2020 Nashville Study Away Program, and I was fortunate to continue my internship through the summer. One of my main goals as part of the internship was to continue to gain a better understanding of how I’d like to find my own niche and make an impact in the music industry.

When I started the program, I was unsure of whether I wanted to pursue the role of a producer or of a recording engineer, and I’ve learned through my experiences in music that I prefer to the role of a producer during the recording process. I love the idea of developing a relationship with an artist/band and guiding them on their own unique journey to fully realizing their vision. As a self-produced artist and having already worked with multiple artists to record, mix, and master their music, I had already begun realizing this passion of mine.

I learned quickly that Blackbird can vary from a fast-paced environment where you need to respond to every need of the recording clients to a calm musical space, where interns are able to work on personal projects using the vast array of technology available. Everyone I met has been friendly and equally passionate about music.

During free time at Blackbird, I’ve been able to record, write, and mix my music using the amazing analog equipment that has helped create countless incredible records throughout Blackbird’s history. I cannot stress enough how much this experience has allowed me to not only grow as an artist, but also to realize the type of career path I hope to create moving forward in the music industry.

Sam Chassy
Samuel Chassy ’21.

I’ve realized that although I love the production process of choosing the microphones and outboard gear to be used on a recording session, I do not enjoy as much the engineering side of setting up, position, and routing all the aforementioned gear. That said, my education and my experience at Blackbird has allowed me to have the ability to do both sides very well, but the role of being a producer calls to me much more.

In my first few days working this internship, I quickly realized that Blackbird is a very much a place I’d like to work moving forward in my career and in my life. I know that in addition to giving me the marketable tools I will need, my internship has fostered my development as an artist and producer and connected me with lots of incredible people.

Having access to the world-class vintage microphones, outboard gear, and analog consoles at Blackbird has fostered my passion and curiosity for the medium. As I continue to evolve as a producer, I hope to work mainly all-analog, so that I can preserve the technology, history, and importance of that style for future generations as the world and industry fully integrates even further into the digital realm. I now feel confident that my skillset and resume will help me get a position at a recording studio or will help me expand my freelancing capabilities to my desired level.

The Bergami Summer Internship Program is funded through the generosity of Board of Governors member – and former Board Chair – Sam Bergami ’85 EMBA, ’02 Hon. and his wife, Lois, and the Division of Student Affairs.