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University's Women's Hockey Club Team Skates into Inaugural Season

Members of the University of New Haven's new women's ice hockey club team have their eyes on the larger goal of developing a foundation for a successful program and sharing their love of the sport with the campus community – and each other.

October 25, 2019

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Image of the Women's Hockey Team
Kelly Adkins '22 (in yellow) and her teammates.

When Kelly Adkins '22 was a first-year student attending the Welcome Week Resource Fair at the University of New Haven, she had something in mind that she wanted to add: a women's ice hockey club. Since then, she has worked with ChargerREC staff members to achieve her goal of starting a women's ice hockey club team.

"I knew coming into college that I wasn't ready to give up playing ice hockey," said Adkins, a communication major. "I founded the team with the intention of giving other women the opportunity to fall in love with the sport I have played all my life."

"I founded the team with the intention of giving other women the opportunity to fall in love with the sport I have played all my life."Kelly Adkins '22

The team scored its first victory in March when it officially became a recognized student organization. Adkins reached out to Devin Bertrand '15, the coach of the men's hockey club team, and asked for his helping getting the team out onto the ice. Now, he is coaching both teams, something he hopes to continue as long as he can.

"I saw this as an incredible opportunity to grow the sport of ice hockey, and I was honored to be asked," said Bertrand. "The best thing about this group is their eagerness to learn. Because of the team's desire to learn and the support they all show for each other, there is no doubt we will see tremendous improvement in a very short amount of time."

Image of the Women's Hockey Team
Eleven students went to the team's first practice.

An interest meeting held at the start of the season indicated that athletes were eager to lace up their skates and begin playing. The team has already taken to the ice, and the 11 students who went to the team's first practice have varying backgrounds in the sport.

"I want to see this team continue to push each other to get better every time we touch the ice," said Bertrand. "The support these athletes showed for each other since their very first practice shows just how special this group really is. Down the road, there is no limit to how successful the women's team can be."

Image of new composter
The team will begin playing a more competitive schedule as the program advances.

Although the team is just getting warmed up, as the program advances, they will begin playing a more competitive schedule. Regardless of the results, Adkins and the team's executive board members, Allie Santora '22 and Jennifer Rezende '21, are focused on their goal of continuing to grow the team.

"I am hopeful and excited to see how our team continues to develop, because we have a very passionate and dedicated group," said Adkins. "We also have had endless encouragement and support from ChargerREC, the men's club team, and the University as a whole."