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Students Look Forward to University’s Annual Celebration of International Culture

Maxime Theokritoff ’19 M.S. writes that the University of New Haven’s annual International Festival is a wonderful way to bring the campus community together, to celebrate diversity, and to experience cultures from around the world.

April 4, 2019

By Maxime Theokritoff ’19 M.S.

Image of iFest
The University’s iFest celebrates the cultures of the world.

Image of iFest
Students from India showcase their culture.

The International Festival, or iFest, is held every year at the University of New Haven. The 39th Annual International Festival will take place on Saturday, April 6, from 4 to 8 p.m. in the Charger Gymnasium (North Campus).

This event celebrates the cultures of the world. Faculty, staff, and students give an inside look at different countries by offering visitors traditional foods, presenting a display on the country’s traditions, and by performing a live show.

I-Fest is a family-friendly event in which diverse groups of people celebrate what makes us unique. Bringing together 500 visitors to explore the more than a dozen different countries that are represented is a great way to spend a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Last year, the Saudi community performed a traditional dance and explained its origin, the Indian community performed Bollywood style dances, and the Mexican community performed a live representation of a "telenovela," a very popular television genre in Mexico.

A variety of dishes were served, including French crepes, Mexican tacos, Indian biryani, and countless other exotic and delightful dishes.

"I-Fest is a family-friendly event in which diverse groups of people celebrate what makes us unique."By Maxime Theokritoff ’19 M.S.

As vice president of diversity and inclusion for the Graduate Student Council, I am very pleased to take part in this event. Discovering different perspectives and learning about various cultures of the world is an amazingly enriching experience.

Last year, the Graduate Student Council and Graduate Student Services represented France. We served crepes that were an instant hit. This year, we are representing Germany. I hope you will attend to learn more about this European country with a complex history and rich culture. We are sure that you will enjoy the traditional German sausages we will be serving.

We look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday.