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Meritorious Staff Members Recognized for Commitment to the University

The Administrative Staff Council’s Employee Excellence Awards and Bartels Service Awards were presented to nine employees for their dedication to advancing the University’s mission and to enhancing the experience of our students.

May 16, 2019

By Kellie McLaughlin, Office of Marketing & Communications

Each year, the University honors employees at its Annual Service Awards Luncheon. Service milestones are celebrated in five- and 10-year increments. This year, 148 employees were honored for their service milestones, including one celebrating 30 years, nine celebrating 35 years, and two celebrating 40 years at the University.

The Service Awards Luncheon also features the presentation of the Employee Excellence Awards and the Bartels Service Awards, which honor employees for their exceptional work and dedication throughout the year.

2019 Employee Excellence Awards

The Employee Excellence Awards are given to administrative staff members who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University community. Staff are nominated by fellow University employees and selected by an advisory committee made up of past Employee Excellence Award winners and members of the Administrative Staff Council.

Alicia Post-Lindstadt headshot
Alicia Post-Lindstadt
Excellence in Innovation and Creativity

The Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Award was given to Alicia Post Lindstadt, graphic designer in the Office of Marketing & Communications. The award recognizes an individual who has best demonstrated innovative and creative ideas for the benefit of the University community, and who has taken a unique approach to furthering the mission of the University.

"Alicia takes great pride in her work as a designer and is committed to the success of the University, as evidenced by the universal praise she receives from her clients, co-workers, and University partners," a colleague wrote in the nomination form. "This past year, Alicia joined our centennial committee and is serving as the project manager for centennial marketing projects. She has been an integral part of the committee, planning marketing agendas, managing centennial marketing projects, and creating new and innovative branding for the centennial road show celebrations. She has done all of this while also working hard to earn her MBA in the University’s College of Business."

Sharon Austin-Christy headshot
Sharon Austin-Christy
Excellence in Student Service

Sharon Austin-Christy, assistant director of student employment, was given the Excellence in Student Service Award. The award recognizes a staff member who is committed to and consistently works toward enhancing the quality of students’ lives at the University, and who actively participates outside the realm of their job responsibilities in student-centered events.

In a nomination, a colleague of Sharon wrote, "She was instrumental in the development of the Student Employment Office, and she provides our students with excellent service while navigating the hiring process. She championed the creation of the new Student Hiring Workflow, which significantly streamlined the process by making it faster and more efficient. Sharon is always working to assist students in locating employment on or off campus and supporting students with meeting their financial needs. She is committed to and consistently works toward enhancing the quality of students’ lives. Her positive attitude, along with her welcoming smile and personality, make her the perfect person to get the University’s student employees ready to begin work each year."

Lisa Scranton headshot
Lisa Scranton
Excellence in University Service

The Excellence in University Service Award was given to Lisa Scranton, director of technical training in the Associate Provost’s Office. This award recognizes an employee for outstanding service to the University community and for consistently making a significant impact within their department and across the community while fostering the mission of the University.

"Lisa works tirelessly to make sure the people she is training have a full understanding of what she’s teaching them before they leave her office," a colleague wrote about Lisa in a nomination. "If a faculty or staff member can’t make it to her, she goes to them. She continually reaches out to faculty to provide training on technology in order to make our efforts more accessible for students. Her advocacy for training us in software and attaining the tools we need makes our administrative tasks easier. She is always proactive in solving issues, very welcoming, and patient with those of us who are not that IT savvy. She has always demonstrated her dedication to balancing the needs of the faculty, students, and the University when resolving technical issues."

2019 Bartels Service Awards

Every spring, the Bartels Service Awards, sponsored by longstanding University benefactors Philip H. Bartels, a member of the University of New Haven’s Board of Governors, and his wife, Susan, are given to exemplary employees who have gone above and beyond the performance of their assigned responsibilities. This year, six deserving employees were recognized.

Maureen Aceto headshot
Maureen Aceto
Maureen Aceto

Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

Maureen’s supervisor noted how "Maureen is known to always work above and beyond the call and to also always shy away from taking any credit for her great work. Like any true leader, she always gives credit to those who work with her. Maureen is described by her colleagues as one of the happiest and most pleasant employees at the University, the glue that holds the place together, and someone who is never bothered by the stress of the job and who always works extremely well under any pressure."

Ashley Dunn  headshot
Ashley Dunn
Ashley Dunn

Assistant Director, Student Life Programs, Title IX/VAWA Compliance Office, Student Affairs

"Ashley excels at providing a framework and organization for the University’s efforts to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations regarding sexual violence and campus safety," Ashley’s supervisor said. "She provides leadership for the Sexual Misconduct Process Team, Campus Resource Team, and Campus Response Teams, and she manages very difficult investigations with expertise."

Denise Golde headshot
Denise Golde
Denise Golde

Executive Secretary, Marvin K. Peterson Library

Denise’s supervisor said, "The Library is fortunate to have an employee like Denise who puts students first and readily adapts to changing situations with a positive attitude and open mind. She is a dedicated worker who is always looking to be of assistance. Daily, Denise goes above and beyond the call of duty to handle her varied job responsibilities efficiently so our students and faculty are well-served and comfortable. With her easy smile and calm demeanor, Denise quickly handles the suggestions and requests that come to the Library office from students, staff, and faculty. Denise is very customer-service oriented and takes the time to carefully listen to everyone."

Hillary Lloyd headshot
Hillary Lloyd
Hillary Lloyd

Accounts Payable Clerk, Business Office

A manager in the Business Office said, "As a graduate student, Hillary worked part time in the Business Office. Her work as a support staffer was exceptional and her attention to detail and organizational skills stood out. Several years later when she applied for an opening in Accounts Payable, I could not have been happier. Her efficiencies are not her only asset, but her positive attitude and work ethic are evident, too. Everyone also appreciates her lighthearted side, from her silly puns to her love for decorating her cubicle, she always brings a smile to her coworkers, students, and anyone who visits."

Damien Mercado headshot
Damien Mercado
Damien Mercado

Laborer, Office of Facilities

"Damien has worked for the University for almost 30 years and has a very strong work ethic," his supervisor said. "You can always count on him to get the job done and do it well. He does not need to be asked to help others when things are busy, he just rolls up his sleeves and goes to work. Damien is attentive to the needs of our customers and always conveys a positive and professional image on behalf of the Office of Facilities. In addition to his duties as a laborer, Damien also serves as the president of the Facilities Union and works hard to serve the needs of his members."

Michael Teply headshot
Michael Teply
Michael Teply

Custodian, Office of Facilities

"Mike has been with the Office of Facilities for 15 years and is one of the office’s most reliable and conscientious employees," a colleague said. "He not only cares about the buildings he works in, but also the people in those buildings. Mike is always friendly, courteous, and willing to help others. He responds promptly to requests and always strives to provide exceptional service to the University community."