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Criminal Justice Major’s Internship Fuels Desire to Become a Police Officer

As an intern in the Montgomery County, New York Sheriff’s Office, Morgan Durinick ’22 explored the many different parts of the department while applying what she had learned in the classroom to real police work.

August 21, 2019

By Morgan Durinick ’22

Image of Morgan Durinick ’22
Morgan Durinick ’22 interned with the Montgomery County, New York Sheriff’s Office.

I chose the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as my internship site because of the unique experiences I could have there. Each week, I have had the chance to explore a different section in the department, including dispatch, investigations, and corrections, enabling me to learn more about the behind-the-scenes work police officers and investigators do on a daily basis.

Learning about dispatch was a great experience. I was glad I was able to see how the whole process originates from that first call. I can multitask and navigate computers quickly, so I felt I would be a good fit for dispatch, although I am more interested in being out in the field.

The culture in dispatch varies. One moment, it can be relaxing, and everyone is conversing. The next minute it can become very fast paced, since many calls may come in at the same time and everyone is tied up on another line.

In the classroom, I learned about the chain of command and how to properly handle evidence. At the station, an officer showed me how they log evidence into the computer. Afterward, we brought it to the evidence room to give to the investigators. Storing and labeling evidence properly is important for ensuring no evidence is tampered with. Learning about this in the classroom made this much easier.

"I have learned how every section within the office runs and about staff members’ responsibilities."Morgan Durinick ’22

My internship has helped me to realize that my interest in the criminal justice field is in becoming a police officer. I believe it is the right fit for me because I enjoy the unpredictability of the job, as well as the responsibility of keeping the community safe.

My internship at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office has been a great experience. I have learned how every section within the office runs and about staff members’ responsibilities. I view the department as a puzzle, and every section and every person is a piece of the puzzle. If one section is missing, it does not fit together or work like it should.

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