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Passion for Computers Leads to Interest in Cybersecurity

Sebastian Onofrio ’22 says one of the deciding factors in choosing the University of New Haven is the opportunity to study at its campus in Tuscany, Italy.

October 1, 2018

By Dave Cranshaw, Office of Marketing & Communications

Sebastian Onofrio ’22
Sebastian Onofrio ’22

For as long as he can remember, Sebastian Onofrio ’22 has enjoyed working with computers. "I always used them and played on them, and I figured eventually I'd study the software behind computers and work with them for a living," he said.

Naturally, majoring in computer science appealed to him. But he switched course, slightly, when he discovered the University’s program in cybersecurity and networks that prepares students for a field that has one million job openings.

"I was impressed with the University’s academic programs in computer science and cybersecurity, and I immediately wanted to jump on board."Sebastian Onofrio ’22

Last fall, a team of University of New Haven students finished third in a regional round of the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition, besting teams from Penn State, Drexel, the University of Buffalo, and Carnegie Mellon, which is regarded as one of the top universities worldwide in cybersecurity and technology education.

The cybersecurity and networks program and the University's Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group are developing similar ways for students to apply what they are learning in the classroom.

"The ‘hackathon’ was a really cool idea too that I heard about where one team would try to break into a system while another team would try to actively block them," he continued.

So far, he has enjoyed his first month as a college student.

"I love the food, and I have already signed up for a few clubs so I wouldn’t miss out on all of the fun," he said. "I'm excited to get the chance to keep meeting new people and exploring myself as a person."