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Criminal Justice Major Attracted to University of New Haven by Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Kristina Bartosh ’22 aspires to be a special agent in the FBI one day.

October 2, 2018

By Dave Cranshaw, Office of Marketing & Communications

Kristina Bartosh ’22
Kristina Bartosh ’22

When she was younger, Kristina Bartosh ’22 says she was constantly watching crime shows with her grandmother. "It’s always been my passion to better society by working to protect it through a career in law enforcement," she says.

The faculty and the multitude of opportunities she will have the chance to participate in drew her to the University’s criminal justice program, through which she’ll pursue a concentration in investigative services.

"I wanted to study criminal justice at the University of New Haven because of the hands-on learning experiences I will have," she says. "I also knew I would be able to learn from professionals that have experience in the field I want to work in, so I know that I’m receiving a quality education."

Her ultimate goal is to become a special agent in the FBI. To gain experience, she is considering joining the marines after graduation.

"I am excited to continue my education in every aspect and learn about the things I need to know in my future career, and simply build my knowledge of the world." Kristina Bartosh ’22

"I love it here," she said. The food is great, I have made some incredible friends, and my classes are great. I look forward to learning more in each of them. I’ve definitely been pushed out of my comfort zone with how much I have to be more outgoing, but it is definitely worth it."