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Chemistry Students Star at American Chemical Society Symposium

Brandon Miller '18. who is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Northeastern, earned first place in the poster competition, while Alexandra Goriounova '20, who is double majoring in forensic science and chemistry, earned second place.

December 20, 2018

By Jackie Hennessey, contributing writer

Justin Pantano '18

Tagliatela College of Engineering students had a very strong showing at the New Haven Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Third Annual Student Research Symposium at Quinnipiac University held last spring. University of New Haven students placed first and second in the poster presentations and Nicole Langlois `18 was invited to speak about her research.

Langlois, winner of the ACS Local Section Undergraduate Research Award, presented her research on the total synthesis of cadiolides, secondary metabolites isolated from marine ascidians and tunicates (sea squirts) that show potent antibiotic activity against dangerous Gram-positive bacteria like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and therefore hold promise as potential new antibiotics in the fight against resistant strains of pathogens. This work was performed in collaboration with Pier Cirillo, assistant professor of chemistry. All other student speakers were graduate students from Yale University, Cirillo noted. Langlois is currently pursuing her master’s in Chemistry at Northeastern University.

Tagliatela College of Engineering students Brandon Miller ("Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Spiromastixone J"), Justin Pantano ("Progress Towards a Templated Synthesis of Usnic Acid and its Analogs"), Alexandra Goriounova ("Collection and Chemical Analysis of Micrometeorites"), and Yo Ng ("The Effect of Solar Eclipse on Ground Level Ozone Concentration") presented posters along with students from Yale, Quinnipiac and Southern Connecticut State University.

Miller placed first in the poster competition and Goriounova placed second. Miller and Pantano worked under the supervision of Professor Cirillo. Chong Qiu, assistant professor of chemistry, supervised the research of Goriounova and Ng.

"Congratulations to all our students for all their efforts and making such a strong showing, highlighting the challenging research being done at the University of New Haven," Cirillo said.