About Murat

Murat Gunestas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Science. His research interests are centered around digital forensics and cybersecurity with a focus on various aspects such as, reconstructive log analysis, misuse identification, network forensics, and forensic web services.

He worked in cybercrime investigator, digital forensic examiner, and analyst roles for public and private institutions. Dr. Gunestas actively involved in investigations of cybercriminal groups/individuals and examined hundreds of cyber incidents and cases during these posts. After engaging in investigative security, Dr. Gunestas has also engaged in independent cybersecurity research and participated as a bug hunter on crowdsourced cybersecurity platforms, contributing to their Red Teams. Over the past three years, he has discovered and received awards for approximately 300 valid vulnerabilities.

Dr. Gunestas has PhD from George Mason University and holds CISSP certification from ISC2 since 2015. He has been teaching Introduction to Computer Security and Introduction to Cyber Forensics courses at UNew Haven.