Experiential Learning Programs



Each department provides an opportunity for its students to enroll in a three-credit internship. Some programs require this experience as a part of the degree program.  



A practicum is a small-group student-consulting team, working on an actual project developed by a corporate sponsor and guided by a faculty member. The students produce a solution to the corporation's project and earn three credits in addition to gaining invaluable experience working within an industry.


Graduate Capstone Business Simulation

Personalized Academic Curricular Experience (PACE)
The PACE program is open to all College of Business students. Students who enroll in this program work with their advisers to form a cluster of four 3-credit courses, not from the College of Business, that are thematically related to the student's proposed field of work upon graduation.   


Student Management Portfolio

Corporate Challenge
Student groups competitively perform field work on a case study prepared by the College of Business and a local business organization. The case study is relevant to emerging issues in business, and addresses an ongoing project provided by the local business. This competitive challenge provides awards, scholarships, and cash prize opportunities to finalists, chosen by a representative group from the organization's leadership team.


Small Business Development

Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Programs
The VITA program provides students with a hands-on learning opportunity to assist in the preparation of tax returns for community participants.   


Community Programs

Professional Enrichment Program
The College of Business academic programs deliver both classroom and real-life learning experiences. These seminars and forums deal with professional readiness and/or current work-related issues while giving students the opportunity to network with industry professionals.


Dean's Student Intern Program

Job Shadowing
This is an opportunity for a graduating senior to accompany an industry professional throughout the day to experience the professional's workplace.     

The College of Business sponsors a three-tiered mentoring program: Business Leader to Student, The E-mentoring program, and the Student to Student mentoring program.

Student Advisory Board
The College of Business Student Advisory Board is run by students and overseen by the Dean. The Board is open to all students and provides information about special programs and opportunities that the College of Business has to offer. The Board also gives feedback and advice to the leadership team of the College of Business.

Student Ambassador Program
The Student Ambassador program welcomes eligible business students who demonstrate academic accomplishment and professional expertise. Students serve as stewards to the community, ambassadors for the College to its alumni and business and community leaders, and role models for current students.

Student Research Opportunities
The College promotes collaborative research among small groups of students or between students and faculty. Students are mainstreamed into academic and professional circles by presenting their research at conferences and workshops held by recognized associations.

Study Abroad
Our study abroad program provides students with numerous alternatives to gain experience internationally for up to a full semester. Choices include China, Germany, India, Ireland, and other countries.