Laurel Vlock Video Archive

The Laurel Vlock Video Archive includes more than 230 programs recorded by Laurel Vlock, an Emmy-award winning television host and producer who worked in the New Haven area for more than 30 years.

The programs have been digitized and are now available on DVDs.

Vlock, who grew up in New Haven and lived in Woodbridge, Conn., died in a car accident in 2000 at the age of 74. She worked independently for WTNH in New Haven, PBS and for the National Jewish Television Network. She produced more than 70 of her "Dialogue with Laurel Vlock" programs at the University of New Haven.

The archive also includes Vlock’s work for the Jewish Spectrum series done for the National Jewish Television Network as well as a number of other programs on a wide range of topics. Vlock, who learned about the Holocaust on a trip to Europe as a youth, also produced a number of programs for public broadcasting that recorded survivors’ memories.

In 1980, Vlock served as the executive producer and host of an Emmy award-winning documentary for New York's WNEW-TV entitled "Forever Yesterday" about Holocaust survivors. In 1981, she co-anchored with CBS correspondent David Schoenbrum five PBS special broadcasts from Israel of the World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem.

The various programs can be identified and retrieved in the library online catalog by doing a keyword search for "Laurel Vlock." Enclose the phrase " Laurel Vlock" in quotation marks. It does not matter whether you use upper or lower case letters. Or, you can use this link to open the library’s catalog and have the search conducted automatically.

The Laurel Vlock Video Archive is fully available to members of the University of New Haven community and open to the public on closed reserve. This means that the public can come to the Marvin K. Peterson Library at the University of New Haven and view any of the programs in the library during normal operating hours.

For more information, contact the Library Information Desk at 203-932-7189 or e-mail us.