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As an institution, we value the overall health and wellness of all members of our campus community. Research shows that having a Workplace Wellness program for employees provides multiple benefits including building upon the human need for connection and community.

The Wellness 360 program was created to provide employees with informational tips, resources, and opportunities to learn about and engage in activities that promote overall wellness. Programming is designed to provide direction and support of a range of health and wellness areas, while also fostering a culture of value, camaraderie, and pride in our campus community.

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Living Well

To many, living well is a goal that often feels out of reach. Living well topics include nutritional, mental, social, and more. By providing wellness themed articles, videos, and podcasts, we hope to help bring that goal closer. “The longest journey begins with the first step.”

Financial Fitness

Having financial worries can be harmful to one’s physical health. Having financial fitness means one is confident and secure about their financial situation. By providing articles and sessions on managing finances now and planning for the future, we hope to build our employees' financial wellness outlook.

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Even helping with the smallest tasks can make a real difference, not only to the recipient but also to the volunteer. The Mayo Clinic reports that research has shown that volunteering offers significant health benefits including improved physical and mental health. By providing information on a variety of campus and local volunteering opportunities, we hope to build community both within our campus as well as the greater West Haven community.

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Active Campus

All employees are eligible to purchase a reduced-price membership at the on-campus Beckerman Recreation Center. Members can engage in group fitness classes, cardio, and weightlifting equipment. The facility features a suspended track, great for a mental health walk, and courts for basketball and more. We have also mapped a variety of walking routes through and around campus to encourage employees to take movement breaks during their workday.