Photocopying of Library Materials for Faculty

Would you like a copy of an article from the non-circulating print or microform collection of the Marvin K. Peterson Library?  You have 2 choices.  You can either make the copies yourself or you can ask the Library to make copies for you.  See below for information on each option.

Making Copies Yourself:

You may make the copies yourself using the library's Faculty/Staff copier. Before coming to the library to make copies, please fill out our Faculty Request for Copying Service Form. These forms must be signed and approved by your Department Chairperson. Bring the signed form to the library's Circulation Desk and you will be able to make your copies. (Work Study students may also copy material for faculty, but they must present a signed and approved form.)

Asking the Library to Make Copies for You:

The Peterson Library staff will make a single copy of any article in our non-circulating print or microform collection. Just fill out the Faculty Request for Copying Service Form and bring it to the Circulation Desk or send it to us through one of the following means of transmittal:

Send it to us via campus mail or regular mail (University of New Haven, Marvin K. Peterson Library, 300 Boston Post Road, West Haven, CT 06516).

Deliver it by fax: 203-932-1469.

As long as you sign the form and have access to a scanner, you can also scan the signed form and send it to us via email.

We aim to fill all requests within 24 hours. Phone us at 203-932-7197 if you want to find out if your copies are ready. You may pick up copies at the Circulation Desk or we can send them to you by Campus Mail, regular mail, or email. Just specify on the form how you would like the article(s) delivered to you. Please note that if you opt to have the finished copies sent to you through regular or Campus Mail, delivery may take a little longer.