A Message From President Kaplan

What we have accomplished together is nothing short of astonishing. Never in its history has the University been more sought after by top students and faculty, more financially sound and more poised to achieve a vision even more ambitious than the one I originally espoused more than a decade ago when I joined the University. We owe this success to those who have embraced this vision and invested in it so generously.

As we prepare to celebrate the University of New Haven’s centennial in 2020, we issue another challenge: The Charger Challenge, a $100 million campaign that will position the University of New Haven for success over the next 100 years.

Our campaign centers on themes such as innovation, creativity and social impact, promising to educate an enterprising generation of students who come to the University eager to explore new ways of thinking, doing and problem-solving.

As it was a decade ago, our challenge is a collective one. With the support of those who take pride in our achievements and share our belief that the University of New Haven’s brightest days lie yet ahead, I am confident we will succeed.

I invite you to join us.

With warm regards,

Steven H. Kaplan
President, University of New Haven