Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Investing in Health Sciences

The future of our healthcare system impacts everyone. Your support of our Shaping the Future of Healthcare Campaign will help us educate our healthcare professionals to meet the demands and challenges facing the industry — now and in the future.

As part of this campaign, we recognize donors who choose to support the School of Health Science through the following named opportunities.

Hire and Retain Top-Notch Faculty and Scholars

Our School of Health Sciences has some of the most accomplished, well-trained, and highly published faculty in their disciplines. They combine stellar academic credentials with practical experience as they work closely with their students in small-group settings.

Your philanthropic support can help us attract and retain the best faculty to inspire and shape the future of healthcare through a named faculty fund. Additionally, support of the Faculty Research Fund and Individual Program Funds is appreciated at all levels.

Named Endowed Level Named Annual Level (non-endowed)
Deanship $3M
Payable over five years
$120,000 per year with a five-year commitment
Chair $1.5M
Payable over five years
$60,00 per year with a five-year commitment
Professorships $500,000
Payable over five years
$20,000 per year with a five-year commitment
Faculty Research Fund $100,000
Payable over five years
$10,000 per year with a five-year commitment
Provide the Tools and Space to Learn

Our students train alongside faculty in state-of-the-art spaces that replicate what they will encounter in their careers.

Through Shaping the Future of Healthcare, you can invest in the facilities and technology that change the way students learn. Our new health sciences building features classrooms and lab space, including three simulation labs, that enable our students to work with patients long before they set foot in a clinical setting. Our recently renovated dental hygiene building includes classrooms and labs that allow our students to gain experience while serving the community by offering free cleanings to those in greatest need.

Donors may choose to name a classroom or lab in recognition of an organization or individual. The School of Health Sciences Equipment Fund ensures students train on the most current technology available.

Named Endowed Level
The School of Health Sciences $20 Million
The School of Health Sciences Building $5 Million
Equipment Fund $250,000
Lab/Exam Room $100,000+
Classroom $50,000+
Create Learning Opportunities

Supporting student success is our chief objective. Our goal is to enable students of all backgrounds to pursue an education and a career in the healthcare industry. Through scholarships, stipends for unpaid or underpaid internships, and student awards, we are able to create opportunities for students to begin or advance their careers and take those skills back to the diverse communities in which they will live and work.

You can support student success by establishing a named endowed scholarship, by contributing to an existing scholarship, the internship fund or student award fund.

Named Endowed Level Named Annual Level (non-endowed)
Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships $20,000 minimum
Payable over five years
$1,000* a year minimum with a five-year commitment
Internship Stipend Overall Goal $100,000
Student Award Fund Overall Goal $50,000

*Graduates of the Last Decade (from any U. New Haven undergrad or graduate program) can establish a named annual scholarship for $500 a year with a five-year commitment.


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