Robert Powers, Ph.D., F-ABFT

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Associate Professor

Forensic Science Department
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
About Robert

Robert H. Powers, Ph.D., is a Forensic Toxicologist and an associate professor who teaches both graduate and undergraduate-level forensics classes. Dr. Powers has directed several Toxicology and Controlled Substance laboratories and actively consults in criminal and civil cases nationwide. Dr. Powers is the co-author of the textbook "Forensic Toxicology - Mechanisms and Pathology”.

Dr. Powers is available to discuss questions and issues regarding alcohol, drugs of abuse, their effects and the testing thereof, DUI issues, including breath alcohol testing, and the role that drugs and alcohol may have played in forensic cases, including Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault, impairment, and death cases.

His current research focuses on the effect of ethanol on phase I and phase II metabolism of selected drugs and drug classes, de-compositional drug metabolism, postmortem changes, glycoprotein-based species differentiation selected drugs and neurotransmitters, decompositional drug metabolism and postmortem changes, and metabolism of neurotransmitter analogues.

News and In the Media

In the Media

NBC Connecticut: Crash Report

Robert Powers, associate professor of forensic science and toxicology, comments on the final police and toxicology report regarding the crash that killed Rep. Quentin Williams, whose car was struck by a wrong-way driver.