Melanie Walsh, Ph.D.

Melanie Walsh's Headshot
Internship Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Psychology Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision, Mississippi State University
M.S., Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Mississippi State University
B.S., Psychology, Mississippi State University

About Melanie

Melanie Walsh's research interests include LGBTQ+ communities and mental health-related factors, including discrimination, fear, community support, and the coming out process. Her research is primarily situated in the Deep South where she continues to investigate the negative impact of discrimination and backlash associated with non-normative sexuality and gender identity. Dr. Walsh has provided therapy to children and teens via individual, group, and family therapy in inpatient and community settings. She also works with trans and gender nonconforming individuals in the therapeutic capacity to provide documentation and support for healthcare needs related to gender identity and expression. Dr. Walsh also has experience writing and directing grants in public and mental health.

Selected Publications

Walsh, M. R., & Goldberg, R. (2020). Rethinking counseling recruitment and outreach for transgender clients: Using content analysis to investigate trends. Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling. 14(3), 210-227.

Robertson, A. A., Zhou, M., Tatch, A., & Walsh, M. R. (2019). Gender-specific predictors of recidivism among DUI offenders. Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs. 80(6), 641-650.

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