Marisia Fikiet, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Chemistry, State University of New York at Albany, July 2019
M.A.,Forensic Science, Criminalistics, University of New Haven, May 2015
B.A., in Chemistry (Suma cum laude), minor is mathematics, University of Connecticut, Storrs, May 2013

About Marisia

Dr. Fikiet is a former forensic toxicologist with the New York State Police (2018-2022) and is now focusing her research on both toxicology with LC-MS/MS and spectroscopy of different types of forensic evidence.


K.R. Cargill, M.A. Fikiet, B.W. Kammrath, The use of thin layer chromatography combined with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the identification of controlled substances. Asian Journal of Physics, 31, 2 (2022) 265-281.

M.A. Fikiet, D. Tuschel, V.V. Ermolenkov, I.K. Lednev, Clarifying Glass Luminescence at Near-Infrared Excitation. Appl. Spectrosc., 74, 2 (2020) 187-192.

G. McLaughlin, M.A. Fikiet, M. Ando, H. Hamaguchi, I.K. Lednev, Universal detection of body fluid traces in situ with Raman hyperspectroscopy for forensic purposes: Evaluation of a new detection algorithm (HAMAND) using semen samples. J Raman Spectroscopy, 50 (2019) 1147– 1153.

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M.A. Fikiet, S.R. Khandasammy, E. Mistek, Y. Ahmed, L. Halámková, J. Bueno, I.K. Lednev, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy: A review of recent applications in forensic science, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 197 (2018) 255-260

M.A. Fikiet, S.R. Khandasammy, E. Mistek, Y. Ahmed, L. Halámková, J. Bueno, I.K. Lednev, Forensics: evidence examination via Raman spectroscopy, Physical Science Reviews, 4, 2 (2018) 20170049.

S.R. Khandasammy, M.A. Fikiet, E. Mistek, Y. Ahmed, L. Halámková, J. Bueno, I.K. Lednev, Bloodstains, Paintings, and Drugs: Raman Spectroscopy Applications in Forensic Science, Forensic Chemistry, 8 (2018) 111-133.

Other Publications

Fikiet, M. and I.K. Lednev, Blood in your veins is not blue - here's why it's always red, in The Conversation 2018.

Fikiet, M., M. Nolan, and I.K. Lednev, Portable Lasers Could Be the Future of Forensic Investigations, in Police Chief 2017, International Association of Police Chiefs. p. 110-111.


Awarded Society for Applied Spectroscopy Poster Award for Outstanding Spectroscopic Research by a Student Member for poster at SciX 2018, Atlanta GA.

Awarded Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Gold Poster Award for poster at SciX 2018, Atlanta GA.

Professional Societies

American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Student Affiliate since 2014, Trainee Affiliate since 2020, Associate Member since 2021

Society for Applied Spectroscopy, Student Member since 2017, Regular member since 2019

Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Member since 2020