Kenneth Notarino-Jeffrey

About Kenneth

Kenneth Notarino-Jeffrey is a native to West Haven, Connecticut. Addtionally, he graduated from the University of New Haven in 2020 with his BA in Music & Sound Recording. During his time, Kenneth was involved in student leadership, as well as held several roles, including a previous Orientation Leader.

Afterwards, he jumped into his professional career, working with Leadership, Education & Athletics in Partnership, Incorporated, located in New Haven. Kenneth served as the Director of Children's Program, overseeing the largest free program with 160 staff and 700 children.

Following his passions of servicing and mentoring the youth, Kenneth has returned to the university to instill values he has learned in his absence, as well as reignite aspects of campus culture that may have been lost. He hopes to provide students, faculty and staff with a safe opportunity to learn, find what their version of success looks like and importantly, be happy as they go through their time here.