Jon Sideriadis, M.F.A.

Jon Sideriadis Headshot
Adjunct Faculty

Department of Art & Design
College of Arts and Sciences

B.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design

M.F.A., Hartford Art School

About Jon

Jon is an award-winning author and illustrator. He has been an active freelance illustrator, author, and professor for fifteen years. His specialty is mythological art and storytelling. He teaches Illustration, Concept Art, World Building, and Digital Painting at University of New Haven as the program coordinator. His work has been published in film, television, video games, novels, comics, album art, board games, and trading cards. He has worked in Hollywood as a creature-effects artist and sculptor. His work is displayed in solo and group shows throughout the country, he is represented by Haven Gallery in New York, and he is internationally acclaimed in the illustration field. Jon is regularly invited as a Guest of Honor to illustration conventions and exhibits work with the finest fantasy and science fiction illustrators in the business.

He serves as Art Director and curator of the American Spartan Museum of Art. He is also currently writing and illustrating an original mythology series called Astromythos. He received his bachelors degree in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, and his masters at Hartford Art School's Illustration MFA Program.

Artist Statement

Astromythos is a Greek word the artist has purposefully invented. It translates to "The Star Mythology," and it also serves as the title for his fictional world. The artist's vision culminates in an illustrated trilogy he started in the year 2000. Astromythos combines the words "astronomy" and "mythology," two subjects for which he is intensely passionate. And in the tradition of Ancient Greek and Epic poetry, the world of Astromythos presents an older, more sophisticated mode of storytelling to fans of mythology and contemporary fantasy. Heavily influenced by Byzantine art and Illuminated manuscripts, each of his intricately detailed paintings depicts an allegorical character or scene from one of the myths in his  Astromythos universe. To the young or old, literary scholar or sci-fi fan, both his paintings and his myths provide a feast for the imagination.

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