John Sarris, Ph.D.

John Sarris Headshot
Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University

M.S.  in  Mechanical Engineering, Tufts university

B.S. in Physics, Hamilton College

About John

Dr. Sarris joined the faculty at the University of New Haven in 1977 as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He has served as chair continuously (with the exception of one year)  since 1983, first of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and later of the Department of Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Sarris also served as Associate Dean  from 1989 to 2000 and Interim Dean in 2000-01 for the College of Engineering. He has guided the department  through several successful cycles of ABET accreditations, was instrumental in the adoption of the college-wide Multidisciplinary Engineering Foundation Curriculum,  the non-credit Internship requirement, and the development of the 4+1 combined BS/MSME program. Professor Sarris has participated in numerous committees at the department, college and university levels, and served as campus coordinator for an outreach program and for the NASA CT Space Grant College Consortium. He is a member of ASME, ASEE and several Community College Advisory Committees.  As coordinator of the BSME program, Professor Sarris evaluates transfer credit for all mechanical engineering transfers and advises all mechanical engineering seniors. His research interests are in the area of mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of acoustic wave propagation. He  teaches mostly in the Thermo/Fluids area.

Current Interests
  • Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of acoustic wave propagation.
  • Some consulting done with the cooperation of Professor K. Lambrakis that resulted in a number of technical reports to the clients which were of proprietary nature and therefore non-publishable.
  • Involved in litigation cases as an expert witness along with Professors K. Lambrakis and S. Ross.
Professional Development Activities

Chair, M.E. Session, ASEE New England Conference, Fairfield University, 2005

Co-chair, M.E. Session, ASEE New England Conference, Northeastern University, 2004

Secretary, M.E. Department Heads Committee, Region I, 2004-2005

Course Development Teams: EAS222, EAS224, Summer 2004

Co-Director, Center for Thermofluid and Multiphase Phenomena, 1997 – 2006, a research unit at the university dedicated to modeling, simulations, and analysis of multiphase flows, transient thermal phenomena and casting and solidification processes. The center was funded by Connecticut Innovations Inc., Hershey Metal Products, Inc., and Opticon, Inc.

Awards and Honors

Full scholarship, 10 years (grades 5-12), Athens College, Greece

Full scholarship,   3 years, Hamilton College

Courses Taught
  • ME 204 Dynamics
  • ME 301 Thermodynamics I
  • ME 302 Thermodynamics II
  • ME 305 Engineering Dynamics
  • ME 321 Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 415 Thermo/Fluids Lab
  • ME 602 Senior Seminar
  • ME 604 Numerical Techniques in M.E.
  • ME 615 Theory of Elasticity
  • ME 625 Mechanics of Coninua
  • EAS107 Introduction to Engineering
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