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John Rosen is executive director of MCAWorks, a leading global marketing and strategy consultancy, where he is responsible for new business creation, branding, new product development, and channel management for clients in consumer products and services, healthcare, technology, financial services, and retail.

An expert on revitalizing consumer brands, Professor Rosen has over 25 years of sales, marketing management, and strategic consulting experience, revitalizing consumer brands and helping firms deliver real unit growth domestically and globally across a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, telecommunication, small business software solutions, apparel, retailing, electronics, beverages, consumer durables, and automotive and industrial products.

He also is executive director of NewTechHaven, a company that partners with small businesses and start-ups to help them accelerate growth, energize investors, or secure funding.

He is co-author of Stopwatch Marketing: Take Charge of the Time When Your Customer Decides to Buy, which takes a close look at the ways businesses can capture "a consumer’s attention at precisely the right time and hold it through the purchase decision." Stopwatch Marketing is a "method of adjusting a business’s marketing strategies to match the shopping styles of their customers."

A former senior partner at FutureBrand and the Marketing Corporation of America, Professor Rosen was vice president of marketing at Simon & Shuster and CBS. He worked in brand management for Quaker Oats, Coors Brewing Company, and Mattel Toys.

He is treasurer and a board member of The Drake Group, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is "to defend academic integrity in college athletics." He also serves on the advisory board for the New Haven Economic Performance Laboratory, which is based at the University of New Haven.

He received his B.S. in business/commerce from Washington & Lee University and an MBA from Northwestern University.

He is also director of The Liberty Initiative, and Executive Director and Founding Partner of Marketing Consulting Associates.

In the Media

In the Media

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