Joel Marks, Ph.D.

Joel Marks Headshot
Professor Emeritus

Philosophy Department
College of Arts and Sciences

B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University
M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Connecticut

About Joel

Joel Marks has also directed a symposium series at the University of New Haven on "Ethics in the Workplace"; hosted the radio program, "Student Scene," on WNHU, West Haven, and co-hosted "The Professors" on WNHU and CTV; and writes occasional columns on ethics, astronomy, and other topics for newspapers, magazines, and blogs..

Published Books and Articles

Ought Implies Kant: A Reply to the Consequentialist Critique.  Lexington Books, 2009.
Moral Moments: Very Short Essays on Ethics.  University Press of America, 2000.

Emotions in Asian Thought: A Dialogue in Comparative Philosophy
(Contributor and Co-Editor with Roger T. Ames). State University of New York Press, 1995.

The Hoffnung Festschrift (Co-Editor with David E. E. Sloane). Special issue (Vol. XXI) of Essays in Arts and Sciences (University of New Haven), 1992.

The Ways of Desire: New Essays in Philosophical Psychology on the Concept of Wanting (Editor and Contributor). Precedent Publishing, 1986.

"Activism as Integrity." Philosophy Now, no. 67, May/June 2008, pp. 44-5.

"A Planet by any other Name." Think (Royal Institute of Philosophy), winter 2007, pp. 101-4.

"Cheating 101: Ethics as a Lab Course."
Teaching Philosophy, vol. 26, no. 2, June 2003, pp. 131-45.