Jhinelle Dawson, DHSc, MPH

Jhinelle Dawson Image
Internship Coordinator & Graduate Program Advisor

Population Health and Leadership Department
School of Health Sciences

DHSc, University of New Haven
MPH, University of New Haven
B.S, Eastern Connecticut University

About Jhinelle

Jhinelle Dawson is the Non-Clinical Internship and Graduate Program Advisor and an adjunct professor for the School of Health Sciences. She became part of the University of New Haven community in 2019, where she worked with the Office of Residential Life while pursuing her master’s degree in Public Health. Jhinelle has always had a passion for supporting students and their success and an interest in improving community health. Jhinelle is pursuing a Doctorate in Health Sciences at the University of New Haven. Her research interests include health equity, social determinants of health, health disparities, and community health.

Jhinelle’s goal is to address health inequities and disparities that impact marginalized populations. She firmly believes that representation matters and plans to continue to step into places and have conversations about health and well-being that affect people that look like her.

Courses Taught
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Public Health Practice