Jenny Ruby, M.S.

Jenny Ruby Image
Practitioner in Residence

Biology and Environmental Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences

M.S., Science Education/ Biology, Southern Connecticut State University
B.S., Biology/ Secondary Education, Southern Connecticut State University


CT State Certification in Biology (7-12)
CT State Certification in General Science (7-12)

About Jenny

Research interests: Cell Biology, Genetics, and Evolutionary Biology and Effective Pedagogical Practices for Science Education.

I am broadly interested in studying the fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms shared by all living organisms and how their populations are affected by major evolutionary forces such as mutations, gene flow ,and genetic drift. Biological focus on research surrounding transmission genetics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, evolutionary genetics.

Combining love for both biology and education, my role is to provide a learning setting that offer students opportunities to learn, connect, and apply biological content to their own lives. Classes are constructed to follow highly effective pedagogical approaches such as constructivist, collaborative, integrative, reflective, and inquiry-based learning creating an environment that fosters active learning and application.

Currently teaching general biology courses which focus on the study of structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living organisms.