Jacqui Brown, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Jacqui Brown Headshot
Director, Speech-Language Pathology Program

Allied Health Department
School of Health Sciences

M.S., Southern Connecticut State University, 2018
M.A., Southern Connecticut State University, 2015
B.S., Southern Connecticut State University, 2014

About Jacqui

Jacqueline (Turcios) Brown is a full-time lecturer of the Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology Program at the University of New Haven. She became a Speech-Language Pathologist in 2018 and has worked in the pediatric and adult settings. Jacqueline started her career at Milford Public Schools and worked with school-age children. Recently, she worked for Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) where she covered neurological outpatient clinic, pediatric outpatient clinic, acute care, and acute rehabilitation. While working with a diverse set of patients, Jacqueline is most passionate about motor speech disorders and the treatment of swallowing disorders.

Jacqui completed an EdD at Southern Connecticut State University. Her dissertation was focused on the experiences of speech-language pathologists with the teacher/ service provider evaluation system in CT public schools.

Posters/ Professional Presentations

Brown, J. (December, 2023). Experiences of Speech Language Pathologists with the SEED Evaluation. Presentation: CONNCASE meeting. New Haven, CT.

Brown, J. (May, 2021). Education as a Method of Improving the Outcomes of African American Patients. Presentation: Graduate Research Conference at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.

Brown, J. & Rasile K. (September, 2019) The Role of the Speech Language Pathologists. Educating Milford Public School Personnel- Professional Development, Milford, CT.


Irwin, J., Harwood, V., Kleinman, D., Baron, A., Avery, T., Turcios, J., & Landi, N. (2023). Neural and behavioral differences in speech perceptions for children with autism spectrum disorders within an audiovisual context.Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 1-14.

Irwin, J., Avery, T., Brancazio, L., Turcios, J., Ryherd, K., & Landi, N. (2018). Electrophysiological indices of audiovisual speech perception: Beyond the McGurk effect and speech in noise. Multisensory research, 31(1-2), 39-56.

Irwin, J., Avery, T., Turcios, J., Brancazio, L., Cook, B. & Landi, N. (2017). Atypical phonemic discrimination but not audiovisual speech integration in children with autism and the broader autism phenotype. Proceedings from the annual meeting of the Audio Visual International Speech Association (AVISA). Stockholm, Sweden.

  • SLPA 6622 Neurogenic Language Disorders
  • SLPA 6624 ASD and Developmental Disabilities
  • SLPA 6803 Cognitive-Communication Disorders
  • SLPA 6850 Capstone
  • HLTH 2403 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
  • HLTH 2250 Research Design and Writing