Houssein El Turkey, Ph.D.

Houssein El Turkey Headshot
Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Physics
College of Arts and Sciences
About Houssein

Currently, I am an associate professor of Mathematics at the University of New Haven. I joined the University in Fall 2014, after receiving my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma. Before that, I received a master’s degree in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

One of the main things that I love about my job at the University of New Haven is the emphasis on student-centered teaching methods. These closely align with my teaching philosophy on how students learn mathematics. In fact, they also align with my scholarly work in Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME).

Since joining the University in 2014, I have developed a keen interest in qualitative and quantitative research in undergraduate mathematics education. One of my interests in this area is studying ways of fostering mathematical creativity in the undergraduate classroom. I have been a member of a multi-institutional research group, the Creativity Research Group, exploring connections between mathematical creativity and mathematical identity in the classroom. I have co-authored several publications and presentations in RUME.

In the classroom, I typically implement active learning methodologies such as Inquiry-Based Learning, group work or think-pair-share, peer instruction, and reflective assignments. I have taught a variety of courses including the Calculus sequence, Discrete Math, Foundations of Math, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, and Modern Algebra.

Currently, I am the director of the University’s Center for Teaching Excellence. I work with our faculty and administration to offer interactive workshops, guest lectures, or panel discussions on various topics in higher education. Prior to that, I served as a CTE Faculty Fellow (2021-2022). As a CTE fellow, I shared my research expertise as a RUME researcher to work with interested faculty in starting research in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Using my background in active-learning methodologies and their positive impact on creating inclusive classroom climate, I am interested in working with faculty on identifying changes we can make in our teaching methods to allow for an active classroom that leads to an increased sense of belonging for students, particularly students from marginalized groups.

Outside of academics, I enjoy cooking Lebanese food and being on the tennis court. To find out more about me, please check my website: math.newhaven.edu/~helturkey.