Helana Hoover-Litty, M.S., R.D.

Helana Hoover-Litty, M.S., R.D. Image
Assistant Professor

Division of Health Professions Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Masters of Science, Mycology and Plant Pathology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Bachelors of Science, Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science And Forestry, Syracuse, NY.

About Helana

Helana Hoover-Litty has been a Registered Dietitian since 2010. Previously she worked as a research scientist and research team-leader in the field of metabolic disorders. She has expertise in the areas of general nutrition, diabetes, cell biology and biochemistry.

Since becoming an RD, Helana has worked as a community dietitian. Providing nutrition education to low income populations is her focus area. Helana believes in the importance of taking students into the community where their experiences become part of the learning process.


University of New Haven, West Haven, CT
Adjunct Faculty

Teaching Community Nutrition as a Service Learning course, requiring student participation in community service, enriching their nutrition education. Coordinate and supervise all aspects of presenting a student taught, Cooking Matters program to members of the West Haven Community. Teaching Nutrition and Disease I to undergraduate Nutrition majors, incorporating current nutrition practices/research into the curriculum, through lecture, class exercises, online learning activities and recorded review sessions.

St. Joseph College, West Hartford, CT
Nutrition Educator

Provide nutrition education to low-income individuals throughout CT, through the SNAP-education program. Utilize the "Choose My Plate" materials, review and evaluate teaching curricula. Education is provided by the use of lobby boards, nutrition classes and food demonstrations.

Write topical and educational nutrition articles and provide low-cost, nutritious recipes for publication in CT Food Bank’s monthly newsletter "Sharing the Harvest".

Mentor students as they "practice" nutrition education in the community.

RD Consulting and Volunteer activities, CT

Volunteer with CT Food Bank: 6 hrs/week I assist CT Food Bank with nutrition-focused initiatives, help with grant writing, assist with development and implementation of nutrition education programs, review/insure accuracy of their nutrition database, mentor University of New Haven students working on nutrition projects at CT Food Bank.

Volunteer with WHEAT, a local West Haven food pantry, I provide nutrition education for all clients as well as individual nutrition counseling, serve as panty coordinator responsible for obtaining nutritious food for distribution, provide mentoring for students wishing to provide nutrition education in this setting. A member of the BOD for WHEAT.

Chair of the Council on Professional Issues for the CT Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: responsible for the planning and execution of two state wide, all day, educational meetings, a member of the BOD for CT Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Consulting Dietitian at Anytime Fitness, Orange CT: Providing private nutrition counseling for weight management, athletic performance and overall health.

Preceptor for Dietetic Interns participating in distance learning programs.

Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT. 2009 - 2010.
Dietetic Internship

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT. 2007 - 2009.
Graduate Student/Undergrad DPD candidate (2007-2009)


Dietetics Awards
2010- Certificate of Appreciation (West Haven Emergency Assistance Task Force)
2009- ADA Outstanding Dietetics Student (in a CT DPD program)

Bayer On the Spot Awards (individual recognition award)
2004- 2 awards: Support of interdepartmental programs; Improved efficiency in cell assay format
2003- 2 awards: Contributions to the INS-1and PKA programs2000- 2 awards Contributions to the beta 3 and PACAP programs

Bayer Science Recognition Award (individual recognition award)
2006-for leadership: saving $300,000 by redistribution of excess lab supplies
2003-for innovation: development of a high throughput assay for insulin secretion

Bayer Science and Technology Award (team recognition award)
2003-for development of in vitro tools and functional discovery of insulin secretagogues
1993-for work leading to the demonstration of the prophylactic efficacy of ICAM-453 in the chimpanzee model of rhinovirus infection

Bayer Quality Excellence Award (team recognition award, upper 5% of employees)
1995-for exemplary use of the Continuous Quality Improvement Process

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