Gordon Simerson, Ph.D.

Gordon Simerson Headshot
University Accreditation & Assessment Officer

Associate Provost's Office
College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Wayne State University (1984)

M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Wayne State University (1982)

B.A. with Distinction, Psychology, University of Delaware (1979)

About Gordon

Dr. Simerson belongs to the following professional organizations: the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. He is a past member of the Academy of Management, Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychologists, Connecticut Applied Psychology Association, the Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism, and the Eastern Academy of Management.  He is also an occasional contributor to the OD and OB internet newsgroups and listservs.  Member of Psi Chi and Omicron Delta Kappa.

Dr. Simerson's research interests focus on the management of those in creative functions; application of the "Big 5" model of personality to understanding work-related attitudes; procedural justice and organizational ethics; and spirituality in the workplace.

Dr. Simerson's consulting interests lie primarily in the domain of organizational development—one engagement involved working with the engineering staff of a manufacturing organization in order to resolve internal disputes and develop a stronger working relationship with management and with the shop floor. Other engagements have focused on market research, departmental mergers, and on the validity and fairness of selection/promotion systems.

In 1998, Dr. Simerson was appointed to the position of University Accreditation Officer, and was responsible for maintaining the University's accreditation status, and that of its programs, with the State of Connecticut and with various regional and professional accreditation agencies. In 2001, Dr. Simerson assumed the position of Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2006, he was appointed to the position of Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Assessment, and Accreditation. His former teaching and research most emphasized gaining a useful understanding of the personalities, habits, and created contexts that allow people to be productive and happy at work. His present administrative role focuses on putting that to work—contributing to the organizational management that enables faculty to do what they do and be good at it.

On the personal side, Dr. Simerson is a champion amateur pool player, former University of New Haven racquetball champion, a golfer, a home brewer, handyman, and hiker. Some of his spare time lately has been consumed researching his Scottish, Irish, and German genealogical heritage.

Sample Professional Experiences

Member, Advisory Committee on Accreditation, Connecticut Department of Higher Education

Program Reviewer, Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Program Reviewer, Eastern Academy of Management

Program Reviewer, Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

SIOP Education & Training Committee (Co-Author, SIOP Guidelines for Education and Training at the Masters Level in Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

SIOP TIP Editorial Board

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Sample Presentations and Publications

(This listing highlights work done with University of New Haven colleagues and graduate students)

Simerson, G.R. & Howard, P.J. (2001). Handling those extreme personalities…maybe even your own.  Charlotte NC: Center for Applied Cognitive Studies.  Monographs for Professionals series.

Marple, D. & Simerson, G.R. (2000) Institutionalization of values: A reengineering case study.  Best Conference Papers, Proceedings of Sixtieth Meeting of Academy of Management. Pace, NY: AOM.

Simerson, G.R., L’Heureux, T., Beckstein, B., ZiaMian, M., Dembowski, J., & Freshman, M. (2000) What principles are used to judge the fairness of retrenchment action?  Journal of Business and Psychology, 14(3), 443-458.

Simerson, G.R., Cook, K.W., ZiaMian, M., Elicker, J., Wasyliw, J., & Wilson, C.W. (1995) Cosmopolitans and locals: Latent roles and the Blau-Boal model. Paper presented at the annual convention of the Eastern Academy of Management, Ithaca, NY.

Simerson, G.R., Brown, C.J., & Cook, K.W. (1993) A model to guide the management of creativity.Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences, 7(1), 94-118.

Simerson, G.R. & Neal, J. (1993) Business ethics education: How well are we preparing our graduates for the realities of work?American Business Review, 11(2), 77-83.

Simerson, G.R. (1990) The survey of work values. In D.J. Keyser & R.C. Sweetland (Eds.), Test Critiques; Volume VIII. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed Publishing.


Certified Consumer Arbitrator, Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB)

Evaluator, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Courses Taught
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Industrial Motivation and Morale
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Seminar in Human Resources
  • Seminars in Advanced Statistics, Consumer Behavior, Group Dynamics
  • Thesis/Dissertation advisement
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