Elena Quarti, M.A.

EA Certification
Elena Quarti
Director of International Programs

Study Abroad

B.A./M.A., Pskov State University, 1992

About Elena

Elena joined the University of New Haven in 2009 when she started working at the College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. During her time working there, she helped the College’s faculty develop and run study abroad programs for Criminal Justice, National Security and Forensic Science majors as well as working with various international delegations visiting the College. Elena led summer study abroad programs to Russia for several years, taking students to criminal justice related organizations (courts, police departments, prosecutors’ offices and law schools). She transferred to the Office of Study Abroad in the Fall 2016. Overall, Elena brings over 20 years of experience in working with international programs and exchanges working both in Europe and the U.S. Prior to joining the university, she worked at the private university in her native town of Pskov (Russia) as a director of international programs establishing new partnerships with universities in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Italy and the US.