Bridget Brosnahan, M.S.

Bridget Brosnahan

Forensic Science, Investigations Program
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
About Bridget

Bridget Brosnahan is a retired police Detective from the New Haven Police Department in Connecticut. After spending 6 years as a patrol officer responding to 911 calls, she spent the next 16 years in the detective division, as a crime scene detective. She has investigated hundreds of murders and death scenes as well as thousands of other crime scenes ranging from a simple burglary to an arson murder of three people. She has great pride in her work as a crime scene investigator and has a good reputation for excellent crime scene work in the field. She has testified in numerous cases and has been called upon to assist other agencies dealing with difficult scenes.

She prides herself on the determination, sacrifices, dedication, and commitment she made to fighting crime with science. Since retiring in 2021, she has become a part of the UNH faculty in a full-time position. She loves teaching students what she has learned in the field, through her training and education, and how to obtain their goals of doing the same job as she. She received her Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven and looks forward to pursuing new educational endeavors in related forensic science disciplines.

Bridget has become part of the Uncovered Cold Case community, a national web-based organization that works to help compile information on murdered and missing victims all over the United States. She continues to work for those victims with no voices and has compassion for surviving family members.

She is a member of K9 First Responders and has been deployed to major post-incident debriefings following mass shooting incidents. She responds with dog teams to assist in the healing process after a traumatic incident.

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