Andrew Fish, Ph.D.

Andrew Fish Headshot
Professor, Electrical Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D University of Connecticut
M.S Electrical Engineering , University of Iowa
M.S Mathematics , St. Mary's University
B.S Electrical Engineering , Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Published Books and Articles

"The Nonlinear Adaptive Controller for the Nonlinear Bipedal Robot with Seven Degrees of Freedom" by Kanjanapan Sukvichai and Andrew J. Fish Jr. ACC

"Orbit Behavior for a Class of Autonomous Nonlinear Continuous Dynamical Systems" by Andrew J. Fish Jr., Technical Notes IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, accepted upon completion of revisions

"Bounded Solutions for a Class of Autonomous Nonlinear Continuous Dynamical Systems" by Andrew J. Fish Jr.DCDIS 4th International Conference on Engineering Applications and Computational Algorithms, (invited paper)

"An Empirical Comparison of Several Approaches to Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem", by Rodney DellaFelice and A. Fish. 1999 10th Annual UTC Engineering Conference & Technology Expo

Courses Taught
  • EE 604 Discrete and Continuous Systems
  • EE 605 Computer Controlled Systems
  • EE 606  Robotic Control
  • EE 607 Adaptive Control
  • EE 685 Optimization of Engineering Systems
  • EE 695 Independent Study (Control Topics)
  • EE 697-99 Thesis (Control)
  • EE 306 Electronic Materials and Devices
  • EE 211 Principles of Electrical Engineering I
  • EE 255 Digital Systems I
  • EE 302 Systems Analysis
  • EE 347 Electronics I
  • EE 348 Electronics II
  • EE 355 Control Systems
  • EE 346 Digital Electronic Circuit
  • EE 455 Control System Design
  • EE 457 Design Preparation
  • EE 458 Electrical Engineering Design Laboratory
  • EE 500 Special Topics (Control Topics)
  • EE 599 Independent Study (Control Topics)
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