Alka Jauhari

Alka Jauhari Headshot
Practitioner In Residence

Department of Human Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

B.A. in Political Science (with a minor in Economics and English Literature), Isabella Thoburn College (Lucknow, India)
M.A in Political Science, Lucknow University (Lucknow, India)
Ph.D. in Political Science, Lucknow University (Lucknow, India)

About Dr. Jauhari

Dr. Jauhari’s research is focused on analyzing political, economic and social issues in Africa. Under this broader theme, Dr. Jauhari has comprehensively explored the factors of conflict and prospects for conflict resolution in the African countries. Her research work entails an extensive study of the Rwandan and Darfur genocide. She has written about the challenges of reconstruction and rehabilitation in the post-conflict states of Africa.

Dr. Jauhari has also studied growth and developmental issues in Africa. Impact of globalization on the African economies has been an integral part of her research. She has concentrated on analyzing how and why many nations in Africa have come out of the shadows of underdevelopment in the 21st century.

Additionally, Dr. Jauhari’s research work also includes the South Asian region. Her research here has focused on the exploration of growth and development issues in India, which she has compared with those in the African countries. Furthermore, she has researched and written about the political and economic relations between the countries of South Asia, specifically, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Published Book (2022): Africa’s Journey: From Colonialism to New Imperialism.

About the book: The book analyzes the political, economic and social impact of foreign interventions on the African continent. Africa’s journey during different periods is analyzed in the book - beginning with the colonial rule, followed by the Cold War, the phase of globalization and the new imperialism.

Next Book Project: 21st Century Africa: Challenges of Peace Building

This book will explore the continent-wide threat of emerging micro and macro level conflicts and the subsequent necessity for addressing these challenges. Conflict still remains a big issue for the continent, according the South African Institute for Security Studies. Many African states are backsliding into political instability and economic uncertainty as the 21st century is advancing, which could have potential consequences for the global order.

Published Articles
  • Jauhari, Alka. (2018). Africa’s Economic Renaissance: A Case Study of Rwanda and Angola. Insight on Africa. 10(2), 127-149.
  • Jauhari, Alka. (2013). India-Pakistan Relations: International Implications. Asian Social Science, 9(1), 42-52.
  • Jauhari, Alka. (2011). Africa’s Economic Resurgence: Is It Possible? Africa Review, 3(1), 17-31.
  • Jauhari, Alka (2011). Colonial and Post-Colonial Human Rights Record in Nigeria. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 1(5), 53-57.
  • Jauhari, Alka (2010). South Sudan: A Fledgling Nation. International Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1(3), 167-171.
Courses Taught
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • American Government & Politics
  • US Foreign Policy
  • International Organizations
  • International Law
  • International Political Economy
  • Global Frontier Africa
  • The New Global Convergence
  • Politics of Globalization
  • South Asian Politics
  • African Politics

Independent study projects with students, topics include:

  • Why Washington Consensus is not a Global Consensus?
  • Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st century

Experiential Learning:

  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program: France-Switzerland-The Hague (2023)
  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program: France-Belgium-Switzerland (2019)
  • Model United Nations (2013 & 2014)

Panel presentations within the university:

  • Legacies of Colonialism in Africa: University of New Haven (2018)
  • Trump’s Foreign Policy: University of New Haven (2017)
  • Terrorism: University of New Haven (2016)
  • Human Rights: Sacred Heart University (2013)
  • Hate Crimes: Sacred Heart University (2012)
  • Pray the Devil Back to Hell: Sacred Heart University (2012)
  • 9-11: A Decade Later: Sacred Heart University (2011)
  • Genocide and the Bystander: Sacred Heart University (2009 & 2010)