Events Policies and Fees

The purpose of the facilities at the University of New Haven is to support the educational mission and strategic goals of the University.

The facilities are available primarily for programs offered by and intended for the campus community. As a private institution, the University also seeks to reach out and be accessible to the larger community. To the extent that space is available, the University welcomes community groups and organizations to utilize campus facilities for purposes compatible with the University's mission and strategic goals.

The purpose of the University Events Policy is to set priorities for facilities usage, define scheduling procedures and policies, provide direction for maximization of space, and establish charges associated with event management and facility usage. Activities shall in no way violate the purposes, property, policies, procedures, or regulations of the University or federal and state laws. All organizations are expected to follow the rules and regulations governing the particular facility or grounds being used.

Permission to use a facility does not imply endorsement, sponsorship, or support by the University of the views, opinions, or programs of the users or speakers.

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