Admission Policy

Candidates for admission to the environmental science program are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in science with courses in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and calculus. Also suggested are a course in introductory statistics and a course in physics. Students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in science or who lack the program prerequisites will be required to complete certain courses before enrolling in graduate courses, to be determined in consultation with the program coordinator.

It is expected that prerequisites will be completed either prior to enrolling in graduate courses or within one year of admission into the program. This period can be extended only with the consent of the program coordinator. Students who must take a course in organic chemistry as a prerequisite may take CH 600 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry to fulfill this requirement. It should be noted, however, that CH 600 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry is taken on an excess-credit basis and will not be counted toward fulfilling the program requirement of 42 graduate credits.