Forensic Psychology Certificate

Advisor: James J. Cassidy, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Hahnemann University, Villanova School of Law

This 12-credit program of study prepares those who will be responsible for the management and care of offenders in forensic settings. In addition, it is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals currently working in law enforcement, courts, corrections, or mental health settings. The program is also intended to enhance the knowledge base of students in master’s programs in community psychology and criminal justice.

Prerequisites: CJST 6601 and CJST 6605 or equivalent.

CJST 6623 - Mental Health Law

CJST 6646 - Abnormal Psychology in Forensic Populations
PSYC 6656 - Abnormal Psychology in Forensic Populations

CJST 6647 - Forensic Assessment
PSYC 6657 - Forensic Assessment

CJST 6648 - Forensic Treatment Models
PSYC 6658 - Forensic Treatment Models