Auditing a Class as an Alum

Special rates for auditing academic courses are available to all alumni on a space available basis. Cost for auditing is $70 per credit for undergraduate classes and $100 per credit for graduate classes. Alumni can audit a maximum of two (2) undergraduate courses without matriculating into a degree program and one (1) graduate course without matriculating into a degree program. Online courses cannot be audited.

Email the Office of Alumni Relations with any additional questions.

Guidelines for Auditing a Class

In order to receive this benefit, we must verify that you are an alumnus/a.

  1. Contact the Office of the University Registrar – Bergami Hall – to register and to verify that there is room in the class you are interested in auditing.
    1. Office of the University Registrar: (203) 932-7309 or
  2. Alumni with an undergraduate degree can audit only an undergraduate class and alumni with a graduate degree can audit both undergraduate and graduate classes.
    1. $70 per credit (undergraduate classes)
    2. $100 per credit (graduate classes)
    3. Alumni are responsible for all additional costs related to the course (i.e. books, lab fees, etc.)
    4. Present the completed registration form with payment to the Bursar's Office – Bergami Hall.