Alumni Association Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

All new graduates of the University of New Haven automatically become members of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Board of Directors - volunteers who serve the University, its alumni and current students. The Board of Directors consists of up to 35 members. Meetings are held monthly and are open to members of the Alumni Association. Nominees are sought annually in the spring to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors. All alumni are invited to participate in nominating new members to the Board. The Nominating Committee of the Board reviews proposed candidates and recommends a slate to the Board of Directors for approval. The slate must then be approved by the voting majority of the Alumni Association. Those elected serve a three-year term beginning July 1. Upon completion of the first term, Board members can be re-elected to serve a second three-year term.

Mission of the Alumni Association

The purpose of The Association shall be to nourish the growth and enhance the reputation of the University, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the University community and alumni, to oversee all alumni programs and activities, to foster loyalty and financial support for the University, to represent alumni interest before the University administration and Board of Governors, and to provide services to alumni.