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MAIOP Student Life

MAIOP Student Life

Our students contribute to the Industrial Organizational program with their varied perspective of educational backgrounds and work experiences. Some students arrive directly after completing their undergraduate degree; others arrive after working for a few years; and yet others are busy professionals interested in augmenting their careers with a graduate degree. They come from large and small schools, from all areas in the United States, and from numerous countries around the globe. This diversity promotes a healthy exchange of ideas among students and contributes to the overall quality of the learning experience at the University of New Haven. Traditionally, our students become good friends as they work together to study for exams, collaborate on group projects, and explore the nightlife of southern Connecticut.

Many of the I/O students are involved in our award-winning chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management. Our chapter holds bi-monthly meetings, sponsors events with other student groups, and invites guest speakers from the human resources field throughout the year. Affiliated with the Human Resource Association of Greater New Haven (HRAGNH), students are also encouraged to participate in the mentor-protégé program or in job-shadowing opportunities. Monthly dinners sponsored by the HRAGNH provide an opportunity to network with professionals around the area while learning valuable career-related information. For those students interested in taking the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) exam, we organize study sessions on campus to facilitate the learning of materials.

Students typically become involved in other student groups on campus, especially the Graduate Student Council and the International Club.

Additionally, many students attend the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and Society for Human Resources Management conferences in late spring/early summer. The expenses for the travel are partially subsidized by the University’s Bob Dugan Fund for the Enhancement of I/O Psychology.

Most of our full-time students hold assistantship positions on campus that provide partial tuition reimbursement. College Work-Study, Guaranteed Student Loans, and many off-campus jobs are also available for financial support.

The University of New Haven is located in West Haven, a medium-sized city on Long Island Sound in southern Connecticut. It is located close to the city of New Haven, which provides a wide array of cultural and recreational activities and boasts a proud 350-year history. Students can enjoy exploring the cities of Boston and New York, driving through the beautiful New England countryside, skiing the slopes of Vermont and New Hampshire, or relaxing on the beaches in Rhode Island and Maine.

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