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State Teaching Certification

Applying for State Certification

In the certification process, the University must recommend candidates to the Connecticut State Department of Education. After candidates have completed the professional courses in their program, including Student Teaching (ED 600), the Certification Officer verifies that they have met all requirements and then, with Department approval, recommends them for certification. The courses taken for a particular certification must be consistent with the statutory requirements of laws current at the time of application for certification rather than the laws operating at the time of admission to the University.

U.S. Department of Education Title II Report

Section 207 of Title II of the Higher Education Act mandates that the Education Department collect data on assessments, requirements and standards for teacher certification and licensure as well as performance of teacher preparation programs. The law requires that the data be used to submit an annual report on the quality of teacher preparation to the U.S. Congress. The full report of annual data for the University of New Haven's performance is available from the Education Department.

Professional Education

The professional education program, leading to a master of science degree in education, provides a curriculum for continuing professional growth. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education and teaching certification in Connecticut or elsewhere. This program does not lead to the University's recommendation for teacher certification, but candidates holding a current Connecticut teacher certification may wish to consider designing their professional education program to include courses that will enable them to apply directly to the Connecticut State Department of Education to add a cross-endorsement on their current teaching certificate.