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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Program at the University of New Haven provides a comprehensive education in an environment that nurtures students of varying backgrounds and abilities with a great deal of faculty-student interaction. Our program has been nationally accredited since 1970 and has a record of successful alumni working in many corporations (e.g., Sikorsky Aircraft, Electric Boat, Pratt & Whitney, and Covidien).

Graduates of our mechanical engineering program have a fundamental background in math, engineering basics and hands-on experience in a variety of course and laboratory settings with design projects that incorporate industry models. Our laboratories use real equipment, not the virtual computer-generated images that may be found in other universities.

Students are exposed to different concepts and problems in the major engineering disciplines (chemical, electrical, civil, and mechanical) in an innovative multi-disciplinary curriculum during the first two years of the program.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

We are pleased and thankful for your interest in Civil Engineering. This website has been designed to give you information about who we are and what we do. You can access information about your faculty, staff, students and each of your degree programs.