College of Business Student Resources


Special/Experiential Learning Opportunities

The College of Business at the University of New Haven shares the institutional commitment to experiential education.  The College has continually introduced initiatives that enable all students to participate in multiple forms of this special approach to learning about business through experiences that complement understandings developed in class. The chart below represents programmatic initiatives that are already in place as well as those that are under development.

Bergami Center

The Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology (LCFT) was established in 2006 with the following goals: enhance the technology content of the College's curriculum, support research, and promote financial literacy. The Bergami Center provides state of the art hardware and software that offers students opportunities to learn real-world applications of financial analysis, business research and utilization of advanced technology in all aspects of business.

Study Abroad

Students in the CoB are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the University of New Haven's study abroad programs in order to expand their horizons, become familiar with and appreciative of the other countries and cultures that comprise the global business environment, and fulfill requirements under the new undergraduate curriculum.  Exchange arrangements exist with institutions in Ecuador, Germany and Spain, and a strong relationship exists with Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA), an independent company specializing in bringing international experiences to U.S. students. Shorter faculty lead international experiences have recently held in China for both undergraduate and graduate students, and the EMBA program typically has had a capstone international study trip. Click here to check out our new Tuscany campus!

Professional Enrichment Program

The College of Business provides academic programs that deliver both classroom experiences as well as hands-on real life learning experiences through the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP). The seminars and forums deal with real-world issues and situations that happen outside of the classroom. The speakers that come in to interact with the student body give those that go to the events a chance to network with industry professionals. These networking opportunities could lead to internships that could put you on a career path for success. In fact, the College of Business has found PEP seminars to be so valuable, attendance is a graduation requirement and students get a credit for attending!

Mentoring Program

Mentoring can take place between students and business practitioners or students to students. This can be done electronically in conjunction with the Career Services office. Mentoring helps to build key tools that can help in the real world and can also lead to a job during or after school.

PACE Program

Undergraduate students work in conjunction with their faculty advisers to develop a thematic learning topic that is outside of the business curriculum.  Students may choose from a host of topics, such as combining the study of politics with business, and the thematic learning experience is noted on the student's official co-curricular or regular transcript. [PACE = Personalized Academic Curricular Experience.]

Graduation Requirement

The recently revised undergraduate curriculum reaffirms both the CoB and University commitment to experiential learning in its requirement that all students complete two out of three experiences that may include an internship, study abroad or community service.

Living/Learning Community

Offered in conjunction with the Office of Residence Life, this community enables resident dorm students to live together with others who have common interests in business and its various disciplines.  Special activities to support these interests, such as discussions with business leaders and field trips to business destinations, are offered in the context of the Living/Learning community.

Dean's Student Internship Program

This is a selective program for students who have completed at least 60 credits and who are carrying a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.  Positions allow students to interact and network with business professionals as interns in a variety of organizations. Students receive mentorship, develop leadership skills and develop their professionalism through these paid positions.

Corporate Challenge

The corporate challenge involves students in the community and partners with nonprofit organizations to improve the neighborhood surrounding the university.

Student Research Opportunities

The College promotes collaborative research between students and the faculty, as well as student/student research endeavors.  This research is presented at conferences and workshops that are held locally, regionally and nationally.


The VITA program provides assistance to senior citizens and others who are economically disadvantaged in federal and state income tax completion.  Students who participate must be upper division accounting majors in the CoB who are selected for the program and who participate under the guidance of accounting faculty.

Community Programs

These programs involve students in more long-term assignments for the purpose of outreach to community partners and the development of relationships that lead to student assistance provided to these organizations. A current example is a linkage with a business high school in the community for the purpose of networking and mentoring.