Introducing the University of New Haven's Non-Profit Institute

Community Outreach With Real Impact

The Non-Profit Institute was uniquely developed to provide educational resources, mentoring, partnerships, and collaborative spaces to non-profit firms and social enterprises in the Greater New Haven market.

  • Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership, Innovation & Organizational Sustainability
  • Community Seminars
  • Consultative Class Projects
  • Paid Internships
  • Focused Student Volunteerism
  • Faculty Mentoring and Collaboration
  • Non-Profit Management Careers
Our Mission

To serve the greater New Haven/West Haven Community through providing educational services and resources to local not-for-profit/social enterprises in the greater New Haven/West Haven Market.  We hope to marshal the tremendous and comprehensive intellectual capital of the University of New Haven’s students, professors, and classrooms to this end. 

About Our Director


Dr. Ronald Kuntze’s professional experience includes an extensive retail and services background at the marketing executive level, as well as a consultant for small and medium- sized firms through the Small Business Administration.

Dr. Kuntze has integrated more than 125 non-profit clients (nearly 200 distinct projects) into the classroom over the last 15 years at three different universities, while serving on several non-profit boards. Click here to read more.

Some of the Partners of the Non-Profit Institute


College of Business:

Housed in our world-class College of Business, the institute will provide educational seminars and outreach, targeted classroom projects and internships, and a non-profit management/leadership certificate program in 2017.  For University of New Haven students and faculty, we will develop targeted student and faculty volunteerism, passionate and planned mentoring, and enhanced job placement for our graduates in the not for profit and charity sector.  The Institute will provide a systemized, databased, and planned approach to sustaining and improving non-profit organizations; enhanced learning and education for non-profit leaders, students & faculty; and ultimately, significant and positive community outcomes.


The University of New Haven gets $10K grant from First Niagara Foundation & the article appeared in the New Haven Register & in the Shoreline Times. Click on the respective links to check out!