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Jay Krishnamoorthy


General Manager, Pexagon Technology

Executive M.B.A. 2006

UNH Alumni Board Member

Adjunct Faculty, School of Engineering

As an engineer for more than a decade, Jay Krishnamoorthy was poised to transition into a management position at his medical systems company. He had extensive experience in quality control and product software and hardware development, but now he was seeking a broader business perspective.

"The University of New Haven has 30 years of experience in executive education. And nothing speaks like experience."

In addition to helping Krishnamoorthy advance his own career, his experience in the UNH Executive M.B.A. program also helped contribute to the turnaround of his company. During his second year in the program, he developed a strategy that would take his organization to a more stable and sustainable position in the market. "I took it upon myself to design a strategy for a reorganization," he recalled. "I was part of the core team that took the company to the next level." The company continues to follow the strategy today.

Krishnamoorthy smiling and holding an electronic device in front of an iPod ad

"My whole approach to facing issues changed," Krishnamoorthy said of his Executive M.B.A. experience. "Previously as a development engineer, I would approach problems from a logical perspective. But that is just one angle." According to Krishnamoorthy, he began to view issues from different angles — from customer to employee — as well as from different disciplines, including accounting, economics, and organization management. "I was able to see a change in myself as well," he added.

Krishnamoorthy commends the University of New Haven for continuing to evaluate and refresh its curriculum to reflect the ever-changing business environment. "If you really want to look at things differently, you need to earn an M.B.A. When you’re debating about where to go, I would point to UNH because of its great curriculum. It addresses all facets of an organization that a manager needs to know to help a company grow."