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College of Business Advisory Board

Business Advisory Board

Today, the futures of business and business education are inextricably linked. The challenges and opportunities confronting both make it imperative for the University of New Haven and the business community to strengthen their relationship. The College of Business Advisory Board (BAB) will improve and strengthen education at UNH, and connect it more closely to area business enterprises through a partnership in the education of the business leaders of the future.

Role of the Board

The role of the board will be two-fold. Members will provide advice, opinions, and ideas regarding a variety of issues facing the College. Second the Board members will work with College faculty and programs to develop deeper experiential education by providing opportunities for students including internships, career advice, and job placement, practical programs in the Professional Enrichment Program, opportunities for students to act as business consultants through participation in practicum courses, visiting classes as expert guests, sponsorship of student career-related events and other initiatives, and simply acting as mentors.

Board Structure

The structure of the BAB will be simple. It will consist of at least twenty (20), but no more than fifty (50) members. Members will serve three-year renewable terms. Members will consist primarily of business leaders and specialists who are acquainted with the needs of the corporate and not-for-profit business world, the larger community, and who are in a position to assist the College and its students in the ways described above.  The BAB will include UNH alumni/ae from both graduate and undergraduate programs, but no specific proportion of alumni/ae representation is required. Committees may be established on an "as needed" basis.

Board Meetings

While individual Board members remain "on call" to achieve the objective described above, the BAB will also convene periodically to assist in the development of the College of Business's overall strategy.