Because National Security deals with threats from abroad, our program emphasizes:

  • Developing a proficiency in foreign languages. We require two years of study and encourage you to focus on Russian, Chinese or Arabic languages.
  • Study abroad — in association with your foreign language
  • Using electives to obtain a certificate of specialization in an area of interest to the Intelligence Community, such as Russian Studies

The program also focuses on developing your analytical skills:

    • In intelligence analysis and analytics courses, you’ll learn critical incident mapping, data mining, data analysis, and intelligence report writing. And, you’ll work in computer labs equipped with the standard software used by the United States Intelligence Community. This gives you invaluable hands-on experience with the same analytical tools used by intelligence analysts in abroad range of federal national security agencies.
    • Cyberwar is the new battlefront of the 21st century. You’ll learn the ins and outs of cyber security and how to defend sensitive information and improve our offensive capabilities.

Finally, we get you into the field before you even graduate:

    • You’ll be eligible for internships with the very agencies that are responsible for National Security functions.
    • With over ten years of experience placing students in these agencies, we’ve developed a solid network of contacts that assists us in placements.

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